September 26: Day 118

We travel tomorrow bright and early again to Iowa City and could use a dose of your happy thoughts and prayers.

Mom has been doing a much better job of getting out of the house, enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather, friends, and grandkid football, but her stamina is deteriorating. She is sleeping quite a bit more, retaining some fluid and made a cameo at Bliss in the past week. 

We are coordinating doctor's reports today and are anxious to see what Dr. Karwal feels are next steps. It is easy to jump aboard the panic wagon and deem the apocalypse near, but I like reminding myself (and everyone else) that we are not the doctor, and there are a certain amount of side effects that build up and beat a person up over time just from taking a drug like Nexavar. So we take a breath, stay present, put one foot in front of the other, and give thanks for each day. 

This week served as another grim reminder of just how precious the gift of time is as we said 'see you later' to our long time family friend Dan Woodin and yesterday I made a pilgrimage on behalf of myself and my parents to the Hospice house to thank and send off from this life with love/admiration my mentor, confidant and dear friend Keith Barnes. 

Both men have been such beacons of light throughout their cancer journeys; never allowing a diagnosis to define them. Both men and their families have also made a concerted effort to reach out to the Doyle clan amidst their own struggle/journey. We can all learn from that.

There aren't adequate words to describe the volume of wisdom/teaching/love these two beautiful people leave everyone blessed to know them; I will continue to be infinitely better from the influence of both.

I will post an update tomorrow as soon as I am able. 

***ON another note, check out what Mom's Fellows Family dreamed up. We would so love it if you could show up and "Shine a Light" for Mom, whether it is cheering on those crawling, hopping, skipping or running, tailgating, or eating...just show up, we would LOVE to see you! DETAILS: