October 14: Day 136

Hello and Happy Monday! A quick update on a few items:

1. Mom started Avastin treatments at Bliss last Friday, Oct 4. She didn't have any problems receiving the infusion and at this point, exceptional fatigue appears to be the only side effect. She will have another infusion this Friday. It is not clear to me if we'll do the same blood work we've grown accustomed to in Iowa City at this Friday's visit or if we will wait until our next visit to IC to compare/contrast notes. 

2. Oct 4 weekend our family enjoyed a weekend "away" in the swanky new cabins at Little Wall Lake near Jewell. All fourteen of us were under the same roof from Friday until Sunday, what a gift! If you're looking for a 'staycation' I highly recommend checking them out!

3. Yesterday Sarah Lewis organized grandson Carter's Football Team into a cancer awareness tribute honoring Mom. They all donned green socks, green stripes on their helmets and Carter and Mom were co-captains for their final regular season game. Carter's team made it through the season undefeated and not a single team scored against them; quite a feat!

4. We hired Professional Home Ames to deep clean my parents' house for Mom's birthday last month, and shortly thereafter they adopted Mom as one of their "Cleaning For a Reason" clients. As part of that program they will now come once a month and clean. They have been a joy to work with and I wanted to take the opportunity to give them a plug if you are looking for help with your own dust bunnies!

5. The meals continue to roll in and they continue to be such a blessing. I have been emailed asking how to get signed up to provide a meal. A huge thanks to Leslie Weible, who has graciously managed this process since Mom was diagnosed, and has contributed more than her fair share of meals (as have many of you). The link is here.    

6. My son Tyler last week co-led his school pep assembly. Parents have never been a part of such events, but his student council facilitator, Leslie Boylan was kind enough to invite Mom and me to attend. It was a pretty emotional experience for Mom, seeing Tyler in his element, and also seeing so many of her former students and friends. 

7. SHINE A LIGHT FOR SUSAN (almost) 5K run, walk, trot, hop, skip is OCTOBER 25. There is still PLENTY of time to sign up, the early tshirt deadline is all that passed. Sign ups happen here, courtesy of My Online Camp (Matt Woodworth) and this event has so many folks working tirelessly I will at a later date dedicate a full post to their acknowledgement and thanks. 

A number of you have have also emailed or texted wondering if you can show up if running isn't an option: YES! We'd love to see you and you'd be more than welcome to come, hang out and cheer folks on! 

The (Team Fellows) organizers are also still in need of some volunteers to "man the course." Sign up to volunteer HERE. A huge thanks to Jamie White for being so brave as to be our family liaison and helping to make for our family the anticipation of this event an absolute joy!

In Gratitude,