October 1: Day 123

The sun dropped across Ada Hayden in a magnificent water color display, and I could see fish jumping from the water all the way from the road. I drove to Dan Woodin's Celebration of Life, and in that moment, I intrinsically knew that Keith Barnes had been called home. I received a message before I walked in to the church validating that gut feeling; Keith passed. 

It did not take long for the two of them to get to work. 

I just received a call from Bliss, Mom is approved for the Avastin, will see Dr. Otteman today at 3. Ten minutes later Dr. Karwal's nurse called from Iowa City with Dr. Karwal in the background; they assured me they would be coordinating with Bliss and all would be on the same page before she arrived. 


Friday Dr. Karwal listened to Mom describe her signs of decline, and then declared our needing to sail in a different direction. When he left the room Mom had a moment. When I asked her what was happening in her head, she said, "I just keep thinking I am going to get my miracle." 

I pointed out that perhaps she was too focused on that miracle, and it was clouding her vision from another one: the miracle of modern medicine allowing her to be here now, or the miracle of each moment of these 123 days. 

Today there was another...