July 1: Back to Iowa City Tomorrow

It's July 1 but feels like mid May, somewhat appropriate for the fog we've been wandering through a month now. 

It has been quite some time since I've posted, and there are many anecdotes to share; among them countless acts of selfless kindness, dirty homes, grandkid events, and work taking precedence at times. 

Balance waist deep in this gig is tricky and elusive. 

I will do my best to post more of the ancillary detail later, but wanted to enlist the help of those of you out there continuing to pray: we head back to Iowa City tomorrow afternoon to see Dr. Karwal and hopefully to get some kind of idea where the tumor markers are headed. 

Specifically we are praying that the Nexavar has done some magic in these first couple weeks and that the tumor marker number has gone down significantly, signaling that the tumors are shrinking or slowing down in progression.

Mom remains unbelievably strong and is fully expecting to be the outlier in the statistics, a miracle. Despite a few annoying side effects from the Nexavar, we are all very hopeful that it is working; her stamina has improved somewhat and the rattling in her lungs is markedly improved. 

One breath, moment, day at a time. It's all we know for sure...