August 27: Day 88

I know many of you are waiting patiently for news so this will be brief. 

In short, today did not go as we hoped. 

Mom's numbers are back up. Her AFP number is sitting just shy of 16,000 (it was just shy of 17,000 at diagnosis) and her liver function numbers also indicate, as Dr. Karwal said, "that the liver is sicker." 

The next step is a CT and that will help Dr. Karwal to determine what is happening with the tumors, and help him decide on the next course of action. 

Because we were the last ones to leave the office, scheduling was closed so we were not able to get the CT scheduled today. I will be receiving a call in the am from Dr. Karwal's nurse; it is our hope that this will occur on Friday in Iowa City. 

The best way I can explain what we know as of now, is that there are essentially three areas he's looking at to determine next steps. 

The combination of the tumor markers and the liver function numbers are the first. They are not good. 

The second is how Mom feels. We know she definitely feels better than she did at diagnosis, but it is difficult to pinpoint if what she feels out of the ordinary is Nexavar side effects, what might be cancer, and what might just be the 'new normal.' That being said, we definitely still know she feels better than she did at diagnosis, so again, this is positive and does mean that on some level the Nexavar has worked/is still working. 

The third element is the CT. 

Dr. Karwal will take all three and make a decision about next steps. We hope this all happens Friday.

Mom is raw, scared, tired, emotional and pissed off. 

We are not without hope, there are still options. At this moment, the boat feels a bit like it's taking on water. By morning we'll be back to bailing.