June 3: Day 3

Written Jun 3, 2013 10:35am

This update will be brief but wanted to get something out nonetheless. I will take time to write in more detail later, but the prayers, connections and love are working. Please keep them coming.

We will be headed to Iowa City in the am to see Dr. Karwal a full week earlier than we thought/planned. This is such a massive relief as I was exceptionally worried given the pace that the tumor appears to be growing that it would get away from us even more in 11 days time (despite Dr. Otteman's assurances that it where we need to go).

We were able to move Mom's second CT from Wednesday to today at 3 so that we can still go there armed with as much information as humanly possible. This is the CT that will look at the entirety of her lungs as the first one only showed only about the bottom 20%. 

The folks at Bliss have been absolutely wonderful thus far. They are a complete departure from the crazy stories you hear about waiting and waiting for things to happen and getting no where. Bliss is working with me to get copies of everything pulled together with next to no notice and transfered to Dr. Karwal's team. They've also assured me that Dr. Otteman has worked with Dr. Karwal often and they will both be in the loop and participating in Mom's care. 

We have no idea what Dr. Karwal will want to do, but there is the possibility of her being admitted immediately, starting treatment as an outpatient, etc. The Barnes Family (my Dad's cousin/wife) are graciously insisting on putting us up as needed and we already feel so indebted to them for so much. They might not have a clue what they are getting themselves into but for now, we are covered in that regard also.

I will do my very best to provide updates here absolutely as fast as I know anything. I am getting a lot of emails and texts and am doing my best to respond to those, but this will be the default for updates as I can inform a lot more people at once via this page. 

We continue to hear from so many of you are we are so humbled and so grateful. I feel as though we have been reluctantly admitted to an exclusive fraternity of folks who have gone through a similar cancer diagnosis. Their advice, words and connections are all proving exceptionally helpful/comforting in navigating this terrain as we all feel a bit lost at sea with a fairly decent boat but completely missing our sail. As Audra Woodin told me last night, you cannot lose hope as a lot of cancer results are strictly based in miracles. 

We believe we've seen our first miracle with the appointment moving to our benefit. Now we need a bigger one with some options to shrink/slow this tumor's growth.